Passing the torch

Former Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant made a rare appearance at Staples Center, and the former Los Angeles Lakers great watched his old rival LeBron James collect two milestones: his first triple-double with the Lakers and first home victory with them.

The Lakers won their second straight game, and now sit at 2-3 on the season. 1-0 with Kobe in attendance. 

Stephenson and other Lakers said they couldn't help but notice Bryant sitting there in the corner. When Bryant was shown on the big screen before the second quarter, Staples erupted.

"Oh man, Kobe, it's a blessing for him to be at the game," Stephenson said. "That is one of my favorite players. He was like, 'Good game,' after the game so I was a little hyped."

Once longtime rivals, James was thankful to see Bryant come out and watch him and the Lakers.

Even Magic Johnson paid a visit to Kobe. 

Kobe even got some big cheers when he was announced. 

Nice to see Kobe back in the Staples Center. With his support, and possibly some more attendance, the Lakers will be just fine moving forward. 

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