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Think Gatorade for kids

Guess who is trying to become their own little mogul? Savannah James, LeBron's wife. Savannah is keeping busy making her own deals, and this one she's actually invested in herself. 

Savannah James is the Co-Founding partner of K+Organics. Here's what the drink is all about below: 

Most sports drinks are full of chemicals, dyes and sugar. We created K+ sports drinks because your kids deserve better than that. We started with the purest base--water--and added high-quality, natural ingredients like coconut water, acerola (a superfood), organic sugar and colors derived from fruits and vegetables. Plus, each drink is full of vitamins and electrolytes -- everything your young athletes need to stay in the game.

The "K" stands for your kids, and the "+" is how they'll perform when they're properly hydrated and not slowed down by excessive sugar and chemicals

The Co Founders: 



As a college athlete, Velana Colón was always aware of the impact that nutrition has on physical and emotional well being. But after having three children, her interest in healthy food for busy families became a personal passion. That passion led her to launch K+ Organics.

Savannah James is known as a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. She's committed to giving back to the community and has launched initiatives that empower youth. Savannah is also a mother of three who's committed to healthy living, which is what led her to become a founding partner of K+ Organics.

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