He's busy big balling

If you've been keeping up with Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball off the court the last few months, you would know there has been no shortage of drama between Lonzo and his baby momma Denise Garcia. 

Denise and Lonzo are trying to navigate the difficult waters of raising a baby. Denise has voiced her displeasure several times about Lonzo on social media. 

She even went as far as calling him a deadbeat dad. 

Now we get to hear Lonzo's side of the story, straight from the horse's mouth via a clip from Ball in the Family

There's no doubt juggling a professional basketball career and trying to find time to visit with your baby daughter can be difficult. However, they do live in the same state, and Lonzo does play half of his games at home. 

You either want to see your child, or you don't. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to being there for your baby. 

His presence is far more important than any presents. 

Check out some pics of Lonzo's baby mama Denise below: 

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