Mark Cuban to Pay $10M After Probe and Admits he 'Made a Mistake' - Sports Gossip
Time to pay the piper

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has agreed to contribute $10 million to women's organizations but will not face any other punishment stemming from what NBA commissioner Adam Silver called "disturbing and heartbreaking" allegations of harassment and violence toward female employees within the organization, the league announced Wednesday.

Cuban, in an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols that aired Wednesday on The Jump, apologized to those who were victims of assault.

While Cuban himself was not cited in any of the incidents of harassment or misconduct, the NBA said that he didn't pay enough attention to the business culture within the Mavericks' organization.

After the incident, the NBA said it reviewed its policies and procedures related to respect in the workplace, and required all NBA teams to do the same. The league also established a confidential hotline for team and league employees to report workplace misconduct.

Cuban told ESPN that Silver never discussed him selling the team, nor did Cuban ever consider it himself.

No, he pays for his mistakes. Easy for a billionaire to do. 

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