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The GOAT Tequila
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Michael Jordan’s success as a superstar for the Chicago Bulls hasn’t necessarily translated into his tenure as an owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

The Hornets have been up and down in the eight seasons under Jordan, but he's getting the team where he wants, slowly. Looks as if his personal life is going well, as MJ was spotted with a bottle of Tequila in his hand. 


Looks like Michael Jordan turned up on a Wednesday ... 'cause the G.O.A.T. left his NYC hotel Thursday morning with half a bottle of tequila in one hand -- and a box of booze in the other!

What was he drinking? Seems to be a bottle of Tres Alegres Compadres Extra Anejo -- and, to be honest, we're having a hard time tracking down a price point on a bottle.

 Is MJ getting ready to become a Tequila billionaire? It worked out well for George Clooney. I can see it now, the GOAT Tequila. 

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