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A tipster passed along some more information on Klay Thompson's latest fling Carleen Henry, who he was spotted with on Saturday night at a Future concert.  

According to the tipster, in addition to being a hairstylist, Carleen is also a bottle waitress at a Vegas nightclub.  

Here are some more facts about Klay's new girl, Carleen. She is a Bay Area native, but she's lives and works in Las Vegas working as a bottle service waitress at Drai's Nightclub as well as a hair stylist. She flew to China with Klay back in June for his annual Anta Tour. They've basically been together for the majority of the summer, with Klay having a few flings with a few IG models in between. He seems to really like her, but we all know Klay. He did this exact same thing last summer with IG model, Brittany Lucio. He's the King of IG models and bottle girls at clubs. We'll see if this last with his new girl, Carleen.

Klay knows how to pick 'em.  If we know him, this won't be the last bottle girl he's linked to.

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