Steph Curry Calls the Warriors 'Ruining the NBA' the 'Dumbest Phrase Ever' - Sports Gossip
Dumb but true

For Stephen Curry, he feels people should do what's best for them, and he's not holding back about how he feels about people saying the Warriors are ruining the NBA. 

"Every year, every summer, everybody has to figure out, for one, what’s the best interest for you as a person, and your family and where you are in your career and make decisions," Curry told USA TODAY Sports' Sam Amick. "And two, if I was on the other side, and I wasn’t on the team that was the last man standing and holding the trophy, you try to exhaust all efforts to try to figure out how to get better as a team, get in a better situation, whatever the case is. But it also goes both ways, because we’re trying to get better too."

And what else are the Warriors supposed to do - make their team worse for the betterment of the league? Curry was indignant at the thought.

If you already know who's going to win, how it that fun for the fans? Competitive balance is a key to a great league, and right now, the NBA is WEST heavy, and on top of that, the Warriors are by far the best team in the league. Not fun to watch unless your'e a Warriors fan. 

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