Pulling down a double-double

Shortly after we posted our story about Lakers forward Brandon Ingram being linked to stripper Raelynn Inez, we received a few tips saying that she wasn't his only one.  He has a woman he's been seeing from North Carolina too.

Her name is Amber Washington and she was spotted in San Antonio over the weekend.  The Lakers also happened to be in town taking on the Spurs on Saturday.  

Amber didn't just want to be seen in San Antonio, she also wanted to make it clear that she was with Ingram.  She posted a picture of the two in bed with the caption "Mind the business that pays you loves."

In the picture, you don't see Ingram's face, but you do see his left shoulder and his unique tattoos.

Brandon Ingram

It will be interesting to see if the two of them ever end up at the same game.  That might cause a little tension.  Here's a closer look at Amber.

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