A 49ers Fan Got a Jimmy Garoppolo Tattoo You Have to See - Sports Gossip
Damn that's a fan right there

Acquired on Halloween last season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had very little time to immerse himself in coach Kyle Shanahan's offense or develop an on-field rapport with his pass-catchers. 

However he played great, and got paid, and now the Niners faithful have put all their eggs in the Jimmy G basket. Check out this fan going large with the Jimmy G tattoo. I don't understand why anyone would do that to themselves.  


Garoppolo has been studying his film from last season and pairing up what he sees with the playbook.

“I’d say the biggest difference is the new playbook," Garoppolo said to ESPN. "Still picking stuff up and critiquing the little things, but having the film from last year and going off of that has really helped a ton."

If Jimmy G ends up being a bust, this guy is going to have one hell of time trying to laser that bad boy off. Good luck with that. 

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