Someone failed the test miserably

When Tom Brady is coming to your restaurant, you want to tell everyone, at least this one girl did, who instead of keeping quiet, went on snapchat to share the news. More of this story from Buzz Feed

Sarah Ananian is a 19-year-old new employee of a fine-dining restaurant that is about to open in Belmont, Massachusetts. Last week, her manager discreetly told her to make a reservation for a "Tom Brady."


"Obviously freaking out, my first thought was to let the entire staff know," Ananian told BuzzFeed News. And so she did. She also told anyone she could think of, and posted about it on Snapchat. 

Lesson learned is keep your mouth shut when a celeb is coming in to your restaurant. Especially if that celeb is Tom Brady. She's lucky she wasn't sh*t canned for blabbing. 

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