Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Looks like things got a little out of control this past Monday night when the Patriots played the Bills in Buffalo. 

Dildos were flying. 

A man was even arrested for throwing dildos onto the playing field. 

Now it looks like there has been one more arrest, and unfortunately drugs were involved. 


Via WBEN: 

Police say a 34-year-old man was in possession of cocaine rolled up in U.S. currency following an arrest at New Era Field Monday night. Deputies responded to reports of a man being disruptive and confrontational toward guests in the 300 level. The man was combative towards security, according to police. He was taken into custody. Christopher Young is charged with felony count of criminal possession of cocaine, a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest, and violations for harassment and disorderly conduct

Bills Mafia always brings it. Can you blame a few bad apples for spoiling the bunch. I say no way. 

Compared to the dildos and cocaine, table smashing is pretty tame in comparison. 

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