Cowboys Fan Lost a Bet and Had to Wear a Dress in Traffic - Sports Gossip
You can't bet on Dallas

When the Cowboys lost to the Texans over the weekend so did Constable David Thacker of Brazoria County Precinct 1's Office.  He had a friendly wager with Texans fan Chief Ray Garivey of the Freeport Police Department.

The wager called for the loser to put a dress on and hold up a sign of the other fan's team in traffic.  That's exactly what Thacker was spotted doing.

Thacker wore a dress with pumps and hold up a sign that said "I love the Texans!"  He also has a red wig on with a giant Texans chain necklace.

These aren't the Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin Cowboys.  These Cowboys can't be trusted and definitely can't be bet on.

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