Be careful when you jump on IG

TMZ Sports is reporting that Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams is being investigated for an alleged incident at a hotel involving an Instagram model.  According to his agent Chip Lewis, Williams denied any wrongdoing.

Terrance's attorney Chip Lewis tells TMZ Sports the allegations are completely bogus, "Terrance did absolutely nothing wrong."

"Having spoken with eyewitnesses, it is demonstrably obvious that this lady has made a false report regarding Terrance. Terrance did absolutely nothing wrong."

"He politely asked her to leave his room and she refused. One of the eyewitnesses escorted her out of the room. Terrance and the eyewitnesses cooperated with the police and will continue to do so."

The Instagram model Nicole Zavala claimed that she went back to Williams' room after meeting him at a nightclub.  She then got into an argument with the receiver, who is currently recovering from a foot injury.  

Zavala then said she was bruised by Williams' friend, who he asked to escort her out of the room.


Maybe stay out of the clubs until your foot is healed.  Just a thought.

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