Life moves really fast

We broke the story wide open, Iggy and DeAndre Hopkins doing their thing on Social Media. DeAndre confirmed he was in fact dating the Australian singer. All the receipts were on full display.

Next came Iggy's confirmation. She went on a radio station in Miami also confirming these two as an item. Not mincing words, she said she's taken, and will be rooting for the Texans this season. 

That all happened relatively quickly. Then it all fell apart. They unfollowed each other, and both made declarations of being 100% single. That is one quick breakup. Are we responsible for their demise? Maybe. 


Hopkins also tweeted a confirmation, writing “Y’all know I can care less about social media , but ya boi is SINGLE!!” (sic).” The tweet has since been deleted.

Iggy continued her Twitter rant, saying she believes love isn't meant for her. I'm pretty sure she'll find another man, and DeAndre will find someone too, but this quick love affair will be remembered forever. Thank you guys, it was a real roller-coaster. 

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