Detroit Lions Receiver Marvin Jones Calls Out Darren Rovell for Being a 'Weirdo' - Sports Gossip
Mind your own business Darren

Marvin Jones went onto Twitter to post something about a new small business he opened. He was excited to let the world know. His wife and Marvin opened a cake shop in Troy, MI. Just a man trying to make a little extra, and give his wife her own little business. 

He Tweeted: 

Then ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell used this to make some point about franchises and business, etc. 

Marvin wasn't feeling Darren using his tweet as a springboard to drop some knowledge, and let Rovell know about it. 

I love Marvin Jones calling Rovell a weirdo. This is just great Twitter action all around. Rovell creeping on tweets so he can spew out his BS business nonsense is creepy, and weird. Glad someone called him out. 


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