Eli Manning Doesn't Want Giants Rookies on Their Phones or Playing Video Games - Sports Gossip
Eli has his eyes on you

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning knows this year's team has a real shot at making some noise in the NFC East.  The 37 year old issued a warning to the Giants rookies, he doesn't want them on their phones or playing video games.

Via Page Six

“We want to see them working hard and what is their commitment,” Manning told us at BTIG Charity Day. “I’ll be watching to see if they’re on their phones, and are they playing video games at night or are they in their playbooks? You want to see the guys that are trying to . . . learn the key factors. We just focus on who’s trying to do their job.”  

You can't blame Eli.  He's excited about finally having a legit running game and he knows his time is running out if he wants to top his older brother's Super Bowl count.  

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