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Green Bay Packers Tight End Jimmy Graham is usually known for getting up in the red zone, but this trip he went really high.

Like sky high. 

Green Bay Packer Tight End Jimmy Graham flies with Aaron Fitzgerald in a Red Bull aerobatic helicopter  

 Via Men's Journal

 During the off-season – in addition to working out daily – he wakes up at 5:30 am to take pilot lessons. Having attained a single-engine license, Graham is now working on his multiengine and commercial licenses. “You never know how long you’ll last in the NFL,” he says, “but I can fly for the rest of my life.”  At Kendall-Tamiami airport, a private hangar with 20-foot-tall white concrete walls holds the following items: his $760,000 plane, a parachute monogrammed with his jersey number, 80, two Harley-Davidson tooled-leather saddlebags, a bamboo-faced Bluetooth speaker playing Nirvana, a giant plastic jug of protein-shake powder, a stack of Flying magazines, a sleek 1970s Herman Miller airport bench he bought on eBay, and a giant American flag. 

Yes, the NFL’s elite tight end has a taste for adrenaline.  

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