Josh Rosen's Girlfriend Zana Muno is a National Champion - Sports Gossip
She's a winner

Josh Rosen's girlfriend has been getting attention for being the Arizona Cardinals QB main squeeze, but she's an accomplished athlete in her own right. This past weekend she cemented her place in UCLA history. 

After losing to FSU the first two years of the tournament, UCLA defeated the Seminoles for the Bruins' first-ever title at the Women's Beach Volleyball Championship in Gulf Shores, Afterwards the ladies partied like champions. 

Zana celebrated with her friends after winning the national championship. She's living her own dream. 


Courtney Lyle and Holly McPeak break down Lily Justine and Sarah Sponcil’s performance for UCLA Women's Beach Volleyball which leads to the school’s first-ever title.  

Check out more from Rosen's girlfriend's team celebrating below. Winning a championship on a beach is as good as it gets. Hopefully Josh Rosen won't get in her way when it comes time for her to go pro. 

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