Kurt Warner Sends out Tweets About Losing the Monday Night Football Job to Jason Witten - Sports Gossip
Kurt is unhappy with the way the world turned out

It was reported that Cowboys legend Jason Witten will retire from football and join ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast team this season after weighing multiple options concerning his future. Witten reportedly could make around $4.5 million as part of the Monday Night Football broadcast team  

He was chosen over Kurt Warner, who ended up being the runner up for the position as color guy for ESPN's Monday Night Football. This led to some curiously timed tweets from Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. 


This sounds a bit fishy Kurt. Not sure anyone is buying your tweet denial. Kurt is visibly annoyed he wasn't chosen, and who really knows why they chose Witten over Kurt?  

Could it have something to do with Kurt's outward stance on religion?  At least now we won't have to hear Kurt talk about his wife from the booth, or hopefully see her anytime soon. 


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