Meet Dak Prescott's New Girlfriend Viking Barbie Kayleigh Swenson - Sports Gossip
America's QB putting up numbers

With his third season as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys about to begin soon, Dak Prescott is putting in a ton of work as the face of America's team. With great responsibility, comes great opportunity, and Dak is taking full advantage of his. 

Dak has been single as of late, and as far as anyone can tell, he's been playing the field, but according to our tipster, lately he's been hanging out with a new lady. Meet Kayleigh Swenson, a.k.a., Viking Barbie. 

Dak is set to earn $630,000 this year in base salary, that's a pretty good deal for the Cowboys. Dak has to be hungry for a new deal, in the meantime he has Viking Barbie to keep him company. That's not a bad deal at all. Time stamp below as a reminder where you saw it first. 

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