Don't Poke the Bear

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady has one of the strictest diets in professional sports. That diet has been well documented over the years. 

As part of that diet, the Patriots QB rarely drinks alcohol. But when he does drink a beer, he matches a big glass of water with each beer. 

I'm pretty sure he won't be trying this beer, which looks to be poking fun at  the NFL QB referred to as the 🐐.


The brewery recently posted their new ale via IG: 

Here's the history behind the brewery via their Website

Starting with a 3 gallon pot and a home brewing kit, the idea of 902 Brewing Company fermented into a business in August of 2012. Originally brew-stablished in Hoboken, NJ, 902 pays tribute to the apartment where they took it to the next level. From that tiny apartment, 902 has gypsy brewed their way to a much larger warehouse in Jersey City, with a full build out in process. 

When you're clearly Jets fans selling beer to Jets fans, this is probably the only way to insult Tom Brady outside of Boston.

You never want to give Tom Brady any more ammunition than he already has.  

Tom Terrific is 24-8 vs the Jets over his career.

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