She came thru drippin

The Kansas City Chiefs signed cornerback Orlando Scandrick back in August. 

Scandrick was released by the Redskins after signing a two-year deal with Washington this past offseason.

Washington coach Jay Gruden emphasized the move "had nothing to do with his play," saying the Redskins parted ways with Scandrick because of the unexpected emergence of their younger cornerbacks.

Scandrick spent his first nine seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. He appeared in 11 games for Dallas last season. His wife may actually be more well known than him at this point, definitely outside of sports circles. 

She's an IG legend, and continues to be after her latest post. 

Someone came at her in the comments section, and she responded, well, you can check it out below: 

Queen thot. What job do you even do aside from doing absolutely nothing, you bum. 

dgshgshg (1)

That's a great answer. You don't become the QUEEN of Thots by letting haters walk all over you. Draya is definitely feeling herself these days. 

Check out more pics of Orlando Scandrick's better half below: 

All hail the Queen! 

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