Odell will never mess with her again

New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. may not have a championship ring, but the talented and electric wide receiver is all about catching the ladies.  

Rumors that OBJ has been dating Instagram model and businesswoman Polyxeni Ferfeli have been circling the internet for about a year. 

The two were seen at Six Flags Magic Mountain last spring holding hands and riding roller coasters. In July, the couple hit Cancun together. Polyxeni Ferfeli is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The sexy model took to social media recently to post a video of her in bed with OBJ.

six flag ssd

In the selfie video, OBJ is fast asleep while Ferfeli lays next to him and kisses his nose. She pans the camera for a better view and kisses her lover on the lips before ending the clip.

Odell hit Twitter this morning after the video leaked, throwing some shade at everyone who is checking it out. 

 Old news still makes a good story....I guess. CatchUpWereIn18’  

Check out some pics below of Odell and his rumored girlfriend last year in Cancun. She's a great catch, and with her body, OBJ's going to have to use both hands. 

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