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Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto was asked to weigh in on Steelers holdout running back Le'Veon Bell.  The mayor is a Steelers fan and a fan of Le'Veon, but now thinks they don't need him to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Via TMZ Sports:

"James Conner's proving to be a worthy back and it's a team sport," Bill says. "It's beyond one player."

It's a bit of a surprising claim ... considering Bell has nearly 8,000 yards from scrimmage in 62 career games ... but Bill -- like some of Bell's own teammates -- seems to be fed up with the holdout.

"He's, I think, getting very bad advice from his manager," Peduto tells us.

"It's getting to the point of a certain tipping point when you can still come back and your teammates and the fans will want to have you back."

At 1-1-1 the Steelers need to rack up a few more wins before they start thinking Super Bowl.  Conner has done a pretty good job with Bell out, but the Steelers are no doubt a better team with the league's best running back on the field.

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