Wait, wha?!?

Join Ricky as he treks across the world in search of current and ancient methods of alternative and complementary healing. Ricky Williams has made it a life mission to seek new treatments not only to heal himself but to assist in the healing of others in need. 

 This week he told CNBC he’s now getting into the cryptocurrency game, specifically, he put $50,000 into Bitcoin. Why you may ask? Well, because of Uranus entering Taurus. Again, simple concept...or just stoned to the heavens. Ricky, tell us more...

quote:Uranus, he explains, “is about revolution; it’s about a change in the way we do things; it’s about innovation.” And Taurus “is about resources and finances,” says Williams. The revolutionary aspect of Uranus in astrology, combined with Taurus’ focus on wealth and finance, is leading Williams to predict that, in the near future, “we’re going to totally change the way we view and understand” finances, he says. … “I think as people are starting to become disillusioned with our institutions, that things like blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s the perfect time for them to catch fire and really change the way we do things. So, you know, I had to get a little piece of that action,” Williams adds.

Ricky has been smoking too much of that wacky tobaccy. Everything in moderation Rick. 

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