Adrian Peterson's Side Chick Exposes His DMs - Sports Gossip

Free agent running back Adrian Peterson has been a busy man.  He hasn't just been preparing for next season.  The 33 year old has been spending time with a woman who isn't his wife and she put his DMs on blast on Friday night.  

She has since deleted the DMs, but you can still see them below.  She goes by the name Heart Malone on Instagram and she's the same woman who exposed Adrien Broner's DMs last week.

She apparently has a thing for married guys named Adrian.  Here is a little more from her Instagram page.

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Adrian Peterson's Side Chick Continues to Expose Him

As we first told you, Adrian Peterson's side chick Heart Malone, exposed their relationship on Instagram by posting screenshots of the free agent NFL running back's DM exchanges with her.  She was back at it on Monday providing more receipts of their love affair and the one she more