The Steelers Converted $8.26 Million of Ryan Shazier's 2018 Salary into a Signing Bonus - Sports Gossip
Classy move by the Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier was placed on the physically unable to perform list earlier this week due to his recovery from a spinal cord injury.  It is still unclear if he'll ever make a full recovery, let alone play football again.

On Thursday news came out of Pittsburgh that they had converted $8.26 million of Shazier's 2018 Salary into a signing bonus.

Shazier is said to be the one who asked the Steelers to convert the salary into a signing bonus, via ESPN:

The Pittsburgh Steelers have converted $8.26 million of linebacker Ryan Shazier's $8.718 million base salary for 2018 into a signing bonus, according to a league source.

In doing so, Shazier will receive this money immediately, a solid gesture by the organization for a beloved player throughout Pittsburgh.

A source told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler that Shazier approached the Steelers about the conversion and the move was done at his request.

Hopefully Shazier is able to make a full recovery, even if he never plays football again.  

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