CongratulationsĀ  šŸ™Œ

The Denver Broncos outside linebacker, who is a perennial NFL All-Pro and a Super Bowl MVP, is still together with the striking dancer and Instagram model named Megan Denise. 

The couple made their romance official when they stunted hard, hand in hand, at the 2018 ESPYs in Los Angeles. 

Von recently posted suggesting they're engaged. 

Now it seems things are possibly getting next level with Von and the former stripper. 

Our tipsters have sent us in this screenshot, more than suggesting that Von and Megan are expecting. 

Check it out below: 

Bons (1)

You can always tell a lot by the 🤫emoji. 

Check out some pics of Von's potential baby momma Megan Denise below: 

She may have secured that bag!!  

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