Brad Marchand Makes Statement on Licking Opponents - Sports Gossip
The first step is admitting you have a problem

The Boston Bruins were eliminated in five games by the Lightning and their season ended only a few days ago. Now the licking regret has set in. 

Brad Marchand initially took the position that his licking was not a big deal, and gave some blowback against the NHL issuing after they issued  a formal warning indicating any further licking antics would be “dealt with by way of supplemental discipline.” Marchand said the whole controversy  was  “pretty stupid” 

Now he's changing his tune, and has said he's going to cut it out. 

Some funny tweets ensued, and let's be honest, this whole controversy is pretty ridiculous.. Licking and hockey is a no-no. Licking in any sport is just wrong. 

As long as his wife doesn't mind the licking, maybe he can sneak in a lick or two while on the ice. This whole lick situation is comical. 


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