Lady Antebellum Botched the National Anthem Prior to Jets-Predators Game 5 - Sports Gossip
Blame them for the loss

The country music group Lady Antebellum, who formed in Nashville, sang the National Anthem prior to Game 5 of the Jets-Predators series.  The group would take the first L of the night when they screwed up the anthem.

Following the botched National Anthem, Lady Antebellum took to Twitter to apologize.  But the damage had been done. 

"Welp. We’re human too y’all We’re still rooting for ya Preds!!! #smashville"

The Predators lost the game 6-2 and are now down in the series three games to two.  You can't win a game after this kind of start.

If the series makes it to Game 7, the Predators better get Carrie Underwood back out there and hope she can save their season. 

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