Just the night before Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, Nike released a new commercial showing a young LeBron James getting his famous ‘Chosen 1’ tattoo.

The video on YouTube is titled simply, “LeBron James – The Tattoo,” with a one-line description underneath: “It’s one thing to put words on your back. It’s another thing to live up to them.”

The phrase ‘Chosen 1’ was used on the cover of a Sports Illustrated issue in 2002 that featured James as he became one of the best basketball players in the country.

The commercial takes place later that year.

It shows a gentleman, wearing a St. Vincent-St. Mary’s hoodie, walk into a tattoo parlor and hand the artist a piece of paper. The tattoo artist says: “You sure that’s what you want?” And the young man replies: “Yes, sir.”