Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer revealed that he has a brain cyst that was first diagnosed in 1998.  He claims it was the cause of his headache that had him drop to his knees during a game earlier this season.

Meyer, who should have been fired for his mismanagement of an abusive assistant coach, said he’s committed to Ohio State for as long as he can be. 


Meyer detailed the severity of the arachnoid cyst, which has caused issues to flare up the past two years. The cyst causes frequent pain on the left side of his head, he said. He said it was responsible for him dropping to his knees on the sideline against Indiana earlier this month.

Meyer said, “I am fully committed to Ohio State, the football program, as long as I can.”

Meyer, 54, said so far the pain has been manageable, and he has kept OSU athletic director Gene Smith in the loop about his condition.

It looks like Meyer is planning his exit.  He must see at least one more loss on the upcoming schedule.  The only surprising thing about this news is that he didn’t blame the brain cyst for his handling of the domestic violence allegations involving his assistant coach.