Adrien Broner Wants to Know What's Wrong with Kanye - Sports Gossip
Might be time to take your meds

Boxer Adrien Broner took to Instagram to express concern for one of his idols, Kanye West.  He's concerned with the rapper's recent bizarre behavior.

It started with a tweet storm that included a picture of Kanye wearing a Make America Great Hat.

Kanye then made an appearance on TMZ Live and took his bizarre behavior to another level.

All of this led to Broner making a bizarre NSFW video of his own. 

Kanye got me f*cked up.  Look, they gave us NBA YoungBoy back, then they gave us Meek back.  They trying to take Bill Cosby and now you gonna come, your oversized wearing clothes ass, around the corner with this bullsh*t?  F*ck wrong with you, man?  Sh*t gotta stop, bro.  You from Chicago.  F*ck is you talking about?

Kanye, if a guy who gets punched in the head for a living can tell your behavior is a little off, then it might be time to take the three pills a day like you're supposed to.

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