Big Ballers

Looks like LiAngelo Ball's love-life is getting pretty interesting as of late. We broke the news back in August, Gelo starting dating new girl Jaden Owens. 

Now it looks like Gelo's new lady, and his old girlfriend, Izzy Morris, are going at it. 

Things got a little crazy on Instagram as LiAngelo Ball’s new girlfriend Jaden Owens went after Ex girlfriend Izzy Morris, after she dropped a comment on her IG. 

Instagram was blowing up as these two went at it in the most public of forums. 

It all started with Jaden Owens post below: 

Jaden then slipped in a comment to Gelo, 'Your one and Only' To which Gelo's ex responded with an LOL. 

After that happened, Jaden's sister jumped in the mix, and responded to Izzy, threatening her, and telling her to stay out of her Sister's comments. 

Check out all the pics below: 

 These girls really must like their Gelo. 

Check out more pics of Gelo's current girlfriend Jaden Owens below: 

Just an average day when you're a Big Baller. 

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