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She won't be wearing heels anytime soon

Denver Dream running back Breayea Quintana left the Dream's game on Saturday night early.  She was stretchered off the field after suffering a gruesome injury.  

The injury occurred after she was taken down awkwardly and the defender landed on her ankle.  The announcers compared the injury to the famous injury that former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann suffered.

This is the type of injury you never want to see, but also can't turn away from.  For Breayea's sake let's hope her injury isn't as severe as Theismann's.  He was never the same afterwards.

Via Busted Coverage:

Quintana is a real gridiron warrior, vowing, ‘I will be back!’ After Quintana was taken off the field, Denver Dream was never the same, ultimately losing 7-6 to Omaha on LFL Football Night.

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