SportsNation Cancelled by ESPN After Nine-Year Run - Sports Gossip
It was a good run

SportsNation is no longer. Deadline reports ESPN has cancelled the TV show after nine years.

Launched in 2009, the series is based on the fan forum section of ESPN’s website and features videos, tweets, online polls, and commentary inspired by the fans. Hosts include Cari Champion and LZ Granderson.

The final episode of SportsNation will air on ESPN on August 24th.

Read the network’s statement below:

Tough to see a show cancelled after being on for so long. ESPN is pretty clueless when it comes to what people actually like, and the bottom line is, they need the right people on TV to make a show like this work. Beadle anchored that show, and once she was out of the picture, it was never the same. RIP Sports Nation 

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