Let the posturing begin

In a civil complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in New Jersey, bookmaker William Hill is accusing competitor FanDuel of copyright infringement in regard to a betting guide being distributed at the Meadowlands Racetrack sportsbook.

The complaint says FanDuel's guide appears to be identical to William Hill's, including a paragraph that reads,

 "Alternate & reverse run lines are propositional wagers offered by William Hill on each baseball game."

"FanDuel's unauthorized copying is perhaps most evident in the fact that FanDuel actually forgot to remove William Hill's name when printing the Infringing Pamphlet," the complaint alleges.

In addition, the complaint claims that language on websites controlled by FanDuel also is copied from William Hill, which cited eight articles as examples.

"We are not litigious people but this is ridiculous," William Hill CEO Joe Asher said in a statement to ESPN. "If the court finds in our favor, a portion of the proceeds will fund scholarships for creative writing programs at New Jersey universities."

FanDuel, citing company policy, declined comment.

These guys are getting ready to wage war against one another. 

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