Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was asked by Sports Radio KJR during an interview about Colin Kaepernick and why they cancelled a scheduled workout with him.  Pete didn’t shed much light on what happened with the workout.  He was also extremely vague about the team’s stance on National Anthem protests, although he did hint that the Seahawks are finished with them.

Carroll said the discussion and opportunity for Kaepernick to be signed by the Seahawks is still open.  What is also open is the interpretation of what exactly that means.  You would think if the Seahawks were really interested then they would at least have him in for a workout.

Right or wrong, it sounds like Kaepernick is going to have to make it clear to teams that he’s done kneeling before he gets another shot in the NFL.

Hear Carroll’s comments on Kaepernick at around the 17:10 mark.