Former NFL superstar Peyton Manning has sold his stake in the 31 Denver-area Papa John’s franchises he owns. The news was confirmed to the Denver Post by the pizza chain’s spokesman, Peter Collins

According to Collins, Manning sold his stake to an existing franchisee who owned locations in various markets. 

Interestingly, the sale was finalized on Feb. 26, two days before the NFL and Papa John’s dissolved their partnership  

Looks like Peyton knew the ball was going to drop with the NFL. Did Peyton have inside information, sure sounds like he did. 

Papa John’s still retains marketing deals with 22 NFL teams. “The franchisee that purchased the market is excited about the future of our business and assumed ownership of all Papa John’s locations in the Denver, Co., market on Feb. 26, 2018,” Collins told the Denver Post.  

Remember Peyton and Papa John were part of an on field kiss after Peyton won his last Superbowl, so I’m not sure where these two currently stand. Are they still on kissing terms? I doubt it.