Aaron Judge Returns to New York with DUI Girlfriend in Tow

The reigning World Series champion Washington Nationals are slated to host the New York Yankees when baseball returns reportedly according to the NY Post.

The matchup between last year's champion and this year's co-favorite is set to take place on Opening Day at Nationals Park, although Major League Baseball has yet to finalize an official schedule.

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Players are getting ready, and the Yankees biggest player is back in town. With his girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck. We received this tip:

Aaron Judge still hasn’t gotten the hint about the drunk girlfriend and is still with her. This is Tyler Wade, Judge and Mike Ford going back to NY today. Also I know someone who follows Judge’s girlfriend, and she told me she posted about them being on the plane too. Awfully weird that 2 of the 3 players on the plane didn’t but she did. Why would she post about it? Seems she loves the perks of being with him. Her entire account is about him apparently. When she isn’t dropping his name that she is with him during an arrest, she just uses her account to do the same thing.

If you remember, we broke the story about his GF's embarrassing DUI.

The Opening Day matchup between the Yankees and Nationals could be Gerrit Cole's debut in pinstripes.

But we're probably going to see Samantha, assuming she's traveling with all the Yankees wives. Baseball season is so close I can smell it.

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