Avoid These Heroes If you Don't Want To Lose MMR In Dota 7.27c Patch

If you don't want to lose MMR, then you shouldn't pick heroes that are out of the meta. That's a concept that is old as the Dota 2 ranking system itself. It is something that the professionals are doing when playing Dota 2 tournaments. They avoid heroes that have been nerfed into the ground by recent patches and only pick the ones with buffs. If you find yourself betting on a Dota 2 match on https://dota2-bets.com/ and you see some of these heroes that we mention in this guide, bet against that team. Some really bad heroes in Dota 2 should be avoided at all costs.

Here is a list of the worst heroes in Dota 2 based on win percentage at the highest levels Divine and Immortal.


Bloodseeker has gone through some skill revamps, and people are not used to playing the new Bloodseeker. That is why it is one of the worst heroes in the game at the moment. Having only a 39.7% win rate, which is a change of -12% from the previous patch, makes Bloodseeker the biggest loser of the current patch.

The Bloodrage rework really hurt this hero, and Thirst was also changed, and players simply don't know how to play this hero at the moment.

Avoid this hero at all costs until it gets balanced, as you will rarely win games with it now.


Bristleback wasn't in a good place before this patch having only a 47.4% win rate, and now it is even worse! With a 44% win rate, the hero is rarely picked and rarely banned.

Even though the hero has received literally 0 changes, it has lost % in win rate because of item changes. Many items that Bristlebacks used to buy have been nerfed.


Gyrocopter had a 42% win rate before the current patch and now has a 44.1% win rate. So you may be wondering why is he on this list? His win rate improved? 

Yes, indeed, it did, but it is still one of the lowest win rates in the game. He is still the 3rd worst hero to pick when it comes to the Divine and Immortal level.

The hero has actually received buffs to all of his skills and talents; however, that is still not enough to make it viable for the highest level of Dota 2.


Sniper is one of the biggest losers of the patch because he had a respectable 51.5% win rate before the patch.

Now it has dropped -7.3% to a miserable 44.2% win rate, and that simply isn't enough to compete at the highest level of Dota 2. 

Sniper has received nerfs to Shrapnel damage and to his Aghanims' Scepter stun duration. 

Those two changes, along with other item changes, make Sniper be rarely picked and rarely banned in high MMR games.


Grimstroke is a hero that has received multiple nerfs since he got added to the game. Before this patch, he was at exactly a 45.0% win rate, which is a very bad win rate for the highest level of Dota 2. The hero now stands at a 45.4% win rate, which is a slight increase. However, it is still very bad.

It's not a viable pick even though it has received only buffs in this patch. 

The issue with this hero is that it needs a good partner where his ultimate ability can be used to full potential, and professional teams recognize good Grimstroke partnerships and ban them.