Darius Leonard Says he was Racially Profiled at Chipotle

The CEO of Chipotle has promised an investigation after Colts linebacker Darius Leonard said he was racially profiled at a restaurant in Florence, South Carolina.

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Leonard said on Instagram he and four others, all people of color, were having a meal when the Chipotle manager approached his table with a “terrible attitude” and was “very disrespectful,” telling them that another customer had complained about them. Leonard said he was then kicked out.

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“That’s what being black in America is right now,” Leonard said. “Us not even doing anything wrong, going out to eat with your family, just trying to spend a little bit of quality time, and you can’t even enjoying eating anymore.”

Chipotle released a statement from its CEO vowing to take the matter seriously.

“We are currently investigating the incident involving Darius Leonard in Florence, South Carolina,” Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol said. “We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind and we have suspended our manager while we conduct a thorough investigation. I’ve personally reached out to Darius and I’m committed to ensuring the appropriate action is taken once the investigation concludes.”

In support of their linebacker, the Colts released a statement Thursday night.

“Darius’s experience demonstrates the struggle so many Black Americans and people of color face every day. It also demonstrates why we need serious action from our government leaders, law enforcement, businesses, and everyday Americans to end systemic racism and injustice and to continue this important dialogue on how to inspire positive change in our country.”

Chipotle has previously pledged support for the Black Lives Matter movement, announcing earlier this month that it would donate $1 million to support “organizations advocating against systemic racism,” starting with $500,000 to the National Urban League.

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