Former Florida Football Players Disagree With the "Gator Bait" Ban

Mississippi V Florida
Mississippi V Florida | Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Former Florida safety Lawrence Wright disagrees with the ban of the "Gator Bait" chant at games. He is black and credited with coming up with saying that led to the chant.

There is a racist history with the term gator bait that has to do with slave owners using slave babies to lure alligators out of the water. This obviously isn't that.

Via Gators Territory:

“That’s not a good decision, especially when you don’t talk to the person who coined the phrase,” said Wright, who was contacted by the UAA but has not spoken with Fuchs. “It had nothing to do with babies being fed to alligators. That’s somebody who didn’t go to the University of Florida. We wouldn’t do that. “When I said it, I didn’t call out for babies. I called out other schools that were Gator Bait. We were specifically talking about them. Anything that’s not a Gator, is Gator Bait. Doesn’t matter the sport. Even there’s a debate. If you ain’t on our debate team, you Gator Bait.”

Unfortunately for Gator fans and Wright his chant, despite having nothing to do with the racist term, is being linked to it and therefore banned. It's really sad that adults can't see the obvious difference between the racist term and the chant.

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