UFC 251: Why You Should Bet On Kamaru Usman

One of the most awaited fights in Mixed Martial Arts will be aired on July 11, 2020,  in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on Fight Island. This is the main event of the most famous MMA show on television, the UFC 251.

A lot of fans, experts, and bettors are hyped to witness Kamaru Usman inside the Octagon once more. His impressive performance had placed him in the spotlight, with wagers under his name increasing day by day. It's without a doubt that Usman has a reputation to live up to, and is the most anticipated fighter for the upcoming tournament.

Are you ready to make your bankroll grow and bet on Kamaru Usman? If you are still in doubt, consider these factors as to why you have to place your bet on Usman in betmaster over Burns in the upcoming fight.

Kamaru Usman: The Winning Name

A Nigerian boy from a low-income family who doesn't even have electricity in their house became a nightmare for all UFC players. These hardships pushed Kamaru Usman to follow the American dream, make it possible, and begin his martial arts journey. 

When Dana White offered Usman to be part of a reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, Usman won six competitive battles. He started to wonder how qualified he was for MMA's greatest rivalry. However, due to his perseverance and sheer power, Usman holds an almost perfect professional record of 16-1. 

Usman won his first four battles in the UFC, crushing the TUF. It provided a significant justification as to why his name flew under the radar for so long.  Today the name Usman will never be ignored, and many bettors shouldn't doubt this man's capability of winning against Malvidas.  

Our favorite player worked hard for his name to be known. From a Nigerian boy to Nigerian Nightmare- Usman is a man who is so powerful that many UFC players fear him. This man is a complete package and deserves to be called a champion. Not only inside the Octagon but as well as in the real battle of life.  

Francis Ngannou Said That Kamaru Usman Will Win The Fight

The UFC heavyweight candidate and recent title challenger, Francis Ngannou, kept an eye on the upcoming UFC 251 main event headed by Kamaru Usman. Francis Ngannou said on twitter that it does not matter who the opponent is because the result is going to be the same. The Nigerian Nightmare is going to win, referring to Usman and his top-notch skills. Ngannou ended his tweet with the hashtag, "my brother from another mother."  

Kamaru Usman’s Odds

Usman is now sitting for -235, a price that is not profitable for betting. However, if you believe that Usman has a 70% chance of winning the battle, you can double or triple your bet to get a big profit. Fortunately, other oddsmakers are giving a 73% chance of Usman defeating Masvidal in the upcoming UFC 251  battle. 

On the other hand, since Masvidal is the underdog, the bettors will get a bigger payout if he wins. The odds of Masvidal are +240, which means you have to risk $100 to win $240. These odds would be music to their ears for Masvidal supporters.

UFC Predictions: Usman  Winning Over  Masvidal 

Masvidal is also a good player in MMA with a record of 35-13 since the early 2000s. However, this tournament will be his first UFC title shot, unlike Usman, who won 16 times, which means Masvidal might need to practice more than Usman. 

Masvidal changed his battle style in 2019, which made him win several notable victories and split decision defeats. Meanwhile, Kamaru Usman, since entering the UFC, has taken a solid fighting style and became unstoppable for winning 16 battles. 

According to Usman's previous stats, he can take down his opponent every 15 minutes, with an average of 3.44 minutes in one round. It shows that he could make this a long fight for Masvidal. Masvidal's total defense is only 78 %, but now that he will be facing Usman, he must stretch out his defense the most to win against him, according to UFCStats.com. 

The predictions from oddsmakers are obviously saying that Usman will win this upcoming 251 UFC battle. However, this will not be an easy fight for our "Nigerian Nightmare." Masvidal's previous battles are explosive and quick. But despite his previously won battles, most of the oddsmakers are giving us a solid prediction that Usman will win against Malvidas.


Usman's physical strength, passion, and determination will surely put Malvidas out of the ring. There's no doubt that our "Nigerian Nightmare" will get the championship title on this upcoming 251 UFC Fight at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Hence, without a doubt, place your bets on Kamaru Usman now and ready yourself for an exciting and action-packed night on July 11, 2020.