AFC Bournemouth’s Jermain Defoe has allegedly impregnated stripper Rachel Calvert.  She’s the same woman that cheated multiple times on her husband with him.

According to our source Defoe is in a relationship with Calvert and multiple women.   

Premier league star Jermain Defoe got the stripper who left her husband pregnant. Her name is Rachel Calvert and he recently was overheard telling backroom staff that he was happy and excited about the pregnancy. He’s also told his teammates about it. But the pregnancy doesn’t mean he’s only with Rachel, he has plenty of others. He will continue to cheat as stripper will be left home busy with a baby. So that means he can go out more and get sex and keep all his girls in check, and will tell them he’s not with stripper and he’s just supporting her for the baby. He’ll not want people knowing that he told the club. 

Sounds like Defoe is a busy guy.  No wonder he’s in such good shape.  If you have any other info on Defoe don’t hesitate to send it our way.