CBS Radio host Shaun Mraz lost his mind on the The D.A. Show over the Giants 0-2 start.  The lifelong Giants fan expressed exactly what all Giants fans everywhere are feeling.  

Mraz compared his favorite team to the dumpster fire franchise that is the Cleveland Browns.  He makes it abundantly clear during his rant that Eli Manning’s career is over.

This is how you rant after your team loses a big game on Sunday Night Football, especially when they looked as bad as the Giants did.  The season isn’t technically over, but the chances of making the playoffs have gone down drastically.  

Some of the best seasons for the Giants in recent history have been their roller-coaster ones.  If this ride doesn’t start going up it could be a long season.  The Giants need a win in the worst way, the only thing worse than an 0-2 start is an 0-3 start.