DeMar DeRozan,  Serge Ibaka, and head coach Dwane Casey were all sent to the shower-house early, and by the end of the game, the refs needed a security escort off the court. 

After Westbrook made a basket to put the Thunder up four, Toronto brought the ball up and turned it over. From this point on was pure chaos.

DeRozan, still fuming from what he believed to be a missed call from earlier, started to give the ref an earful. He was ejected from the game. Moments later, Serge Ibaka gave the refs an earful, so the refs gave him an early exit to the showers. That should have been where it ended, but the refs heard too much fussing from Dwane Casey and decided to send him on his way as well. The play-by-play write up is almost too crazy to believe.

 “All we wanna ask for is fairness and consistency…I’m not gonna step here and criticize officials, we made enough mistakes…but we’ll complain in the right, proper way…We gotta get it right around the league.” said Head Coach Dwane Casey.   

Check out the play by play on the last few minutes of the game, it’s pretty amusing. 

Kyle Lowry and Dwane Casey can only laugh as Casey gets T’d & tossed for someone else yelling at the referee  

Finally the game ended with chants from the fans directed at the refs raining down upon the arena. The referees were escorted off the court by police. Just another night in the NBA.