Reggie Bush’s alleged baby mama, Monique Exposito, gave birth to the baby she is said to have had with the former NFL star running back, back in 2017.

Obviously Reggie is a married man, with his own set of kids, so there’s not much of a relationship there.  

With mother or son. 

Which brings us to this bit of drama. 

Reggie went onto Instagram, and posted about how he dealt with having an absentee father. 

Read below: 

This the love I never got from my real dad growing up and and I always wondered why? But instead of crying about it I suppressed it thinking it would go away, it didn’t. Football taught me to never show weakness, to always tough it out, to kill those emotions such as crying because that’s what it meant to be a man, or so I thought! The effects were rough and it left a lot of anger and resentment in my heart and it almost killed me. I never really learned from a man how to face my fears head on and overcome them. I never really learned how to be a man from a man. Much of who I am today, I learned through football and the men I watched in it. The issue with that is those men were just as broken as me so I picked up a lot of bad habits and lost a lot of my character within the sport! As I got older I realized my dad never had his dad in his life, in fact my dad just met his dad for the first time about 5 years ago. My dad is 53 years old and wouldn’t you know it my grandfather has lived in LA this whole time. They met once and my grandfather kept it moving! My dad is born and raised in south central LA and went to Crenshaw High School so LA has always been a big part of my life growing up! Me and that 405 freeway have a deep rooted history! Lol! So this message is to my biological grandfather Earl McGee who I’ve never met and is still alive: your absence as a father has lingered through generations but I will make sure that cycle stops with me. All my kids will have a beautiful relationship with me and none of them will experience the same pain my dad had that was in turn passed down to me! And to my pops I love you with all my heart and I’m glad we have this time to make up for lost time! The problem in America right now is this story is very common for a lot of young #BlackBoys I am just one of millions…I hope this message helps some kids out there you don’t have to allow your upbringing to hold you back! ✊🏾


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After seeing this post, his baby mama decided to chime in, and had this to say about her little guy, and his situation being without a father. 

Your upbringing is all my bringing papi lindooooo all mommy !!!! 🙏🏻❤️ eso es todo !!!!! Mami and Preston 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️4

Check out the screenshot below: 

Shots fired. 

That’s how you return an IG serve. 

I hope Reggie understands just how hypocritical his post is, considering someone he’s responsible for is growing up without a father himself. You know Reggie is probably taking care of them financially, at least until the kid is 18, but you can’t replace a father with money. 

Get a closer look at Reggie’s Baby mama below: 

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