On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman offered up an explanation for the QB offensive outburst so far this season.


“You can’t touch him. You can’t tackle him. You can’t hit him high, can’t hit him low. You can’t knock him down to the ground hard … all that. You can’t hit a receiver too high, you can’t hit him low, you can’t push him. You can barely press him. It’s making it really difficult on teams to combat it because every rule in the book is designed to make sure you don’t get them stopped.”

Through the first four weeks, NFL teams have combined for 2,999 completions, 32,215 passing yards, 228 passing touchdowns, 3,030 points scored and 344 total touchdowns. 

Ten quarterbacks are on pace to break their franchise single-season passing yards record. Four are on pace to break Peyton Manning’s single-season passing yards record (5,477 in 2013).

It’s obvious the NFL wants it to be a passing league. 

They’re doing everything they can to protect the QB’s, and as a result, all the QB’s are having field days out there. It’s a fantasy football league, the more scoring, the more fun for the people playing.