There are plenty of exercises and other ways to get rid of the fat but exercise is safe and healthy. Different body types need separate ways to burn the fast, on top of that there are different types of fat so you have to be careful. By the term losing weight we mean to lose the fat not muscle. Losing muscle could be dangerous and lead to problems and diseases afterwards. Proper workout clothes, diet, posture, are some factors that cannot be ignored. Today you are going to learn too much and it will help burn the fat for good so stick around until the end.

Types of fat

Brown, white, and beige are the types of body fat and stored in three ways that are known as essential, subcutaneous, or visceral fat. The subcutaneous and visceral are bad type of fat and you would not want them in your body in the first place. While the essential fat is of course, essential and needed to the body. Running and walking is a good way but as winter is already here so we recommend wearing warm workout clothes or track suit over T-shirt and shorts otherwise next things you know is stiff back and blocked nose with headaches and you will be cursing us.

It is not in too much quantity and you don’t have to worry about that at all. Most of the fat in our body is subcutaneous and is right under the skin. The Beige fat is good and lies somewhere between white and brown fat. Its deposits are near the collarbone and spine. Don’t need to burn or lose this one because it is good fat.

Types of body fat

Everyone is not the same kind of fat, while the most common type is fat around stomach and leg area but there are other types of fat too which we will discuss below along with tips how to get rid of it. Over eating, burning less calories in a day that you eat, sitting or going to sleep right after eating, stress, anxiety, tension, and not sleeping properly are few of the things that make you fat. Fizzy and sugary drinks, junk food, excess use of fats in your food play important role in layering fat on the body.

Upper body

Starting with the top, you can burn this fat easily by controlling your diet and of course, exercise. Other than workout cardio exercises, HIIT workouts, swimming and martial arts are also few things one can adopt they are beneficial too. No matter how much you eat all you have to do is burn more than that.

Lower body

A gluten-free diet when combined with workout can effectively burn all of your lower body fat. Crash dieting is not the correct way as it can cause muscle degeneration. Don’t skip your breakfasts! Burn more calories than you eat this way the body will burn stored fat to give you energy. Sweat more, wearing warm but breathable clothes even when working indoors can with quick fat burning we recommend track suits for this.

Legs and waist

Reduce your salt, fat, and sugar intake. This type of fat can also form after pregnancy and cause the lower body to swell. Try to workout where your legs are lifted. Other times power walk and run. Legs workouts will also be beneficial in this case.

Upper back and stomach

Exercises for the belly and back with proper diet plan will help you reduce this fat and eventually get rid of it. Include more fiber to your diet.

Lower belly area

Taking the fat towards lower body the fast around. This type of fat is also cause by taking too much stress and anxiety. With exercises and workouts try to meditate and relax. Also get control on the diet.